Branching Out Secret Mixter

How I Did It

Tools I Used

Audacity 1.26

Samples I Used

1) Distimia_-_La_hoguera_Modified.mp3
from Distimia_-_La_hoguera.mp3 Licensed with Attribution 3.0

2) Fireproof_Babies_-_Decaying_Orbit_Modified.mp3
from Fireproof_Babies_-_Decaying_Orbit.mp3 Licensed with Attribution 3.0

3) gurdonark_-_Beatrice_Modified.mp3
from gurdonark_-_Beatrice.mp3 Licensed with Attribution 2.5

4) Nurykabe_-_180607_organ_01_Modified.mp3
from Nurykabe_-_180607_organ_01.mp3 Licensed with Attribution 3.0

5) Nurykabe_-_290907_xaphoon_Fm6_01_Modified.mp3
from Nurykabe_-_290907_xaphoon_Fm6_01.mp3 Licensed with Attribution 3.0


For each song I trimmed (or looped) to 10-15 second sample.

Other Notes

These are samples that kids can put in a project...they make an audio play for a Grimm Fairy Tale.