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13X701FFSO1 (Free Fly Sound Only)

uploaded: Fri, Dec 26, 2014 @ 9:44 AM last modified: Fri, Dec 26, 2014 @ 10:34 AM  (add)
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Here’s probably the most experimental soundtrack of ours. You can also see the screen-captured video which this track was written for here: You can see the frames tensely vibrating in the start of the video. When we was making this, it looked like reality which we lived in untill that moment was vibrating and disappearing in unknown way. It haven’t returned yet by the way. It is somewhere behind, but after this experiment we already can see something else, as if we’d look through what seemed to be real before.

We had this strange experience all along the process which I don’t want to call work. Work means that the fundament is made first, then walls and roof are, and lastly all the details up to door handles etc. Here it was going in a different manner - everything appeared like from nowhere, sometimes logically and sometimes conversely. For example, some of improvisations was played without the background, which was being developed independently, and everything fitted better than it ever could if we would do it following classical rules.

Somewhere in the beginning of a second half of a video, there is a fragment of captured creation process. In 3d-matter everything is made in various ways too. Sometimes ground relief goes first, and sometimes streets, homes and everything. This fragment in video isn’t a tutorial - we just show how it looks from inside. Usually we use hyper low-poly 3d-mesh models to place all the masses. After this we make it more detailed where it needs to be. At this point we have a little mess with all the files and generally this is why we didn’t share these scenes with public. But we still plan to do this in some time. I think we’re going to make it as a public domain - so people could use our scenes or parts of them in their projects and try them with various engines. Everything we use here is made by us - landscapes, buildings, vehicles and characters. This video and even soundtracks are made by us from scratch.

Thanks for listening, please comment, rate and come again.

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"13X701FFSO1 (Free Fly Sound Only)"
by tonux_gix

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