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All Your Basses

uploaded: Sun, Jun 4, 2006 @ 3:27 PM
byThe Institute of Contemporary Music
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Mostly Ibanez electric bass that I played and some drum loops and sound effects which I made. Includes a Cubase SX 3 file. 106 BPM.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /All Your Basses/All Your Basses.cpr (61.15KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/bass pitch bend 07-02.wav (585.10KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/bass pop 05.wav (146.31KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/Bass-19.wav (585.10KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/effect-01.wav (780.11KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/funk bass-07.wav (109.74KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/kick 10-01.wav (146.27KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/kick.wav (370.01KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/noise bass 08-02.wav (402.27KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/Snare 01-01.wav (170.69KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Audio/Snare 02-06.wav (182.87KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/bass pitch bend 07-02.peak (1.62KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/bass pop 05.peak (488)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/Bass-19.peak (1.62KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/effect-01.peak (3.14KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/funk bass-07.peak (390)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/kick 10-01.peak (486)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/kick.peak (1.54KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/noise bass 08-02.peak (1.14KB)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/Snare 01-01.peak (780)
  • /All Your Basses/Images/Snare 02-06.peak (584)

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /MP3/bass pitch bend 07-02.mp3 (179.44KB)
  • /MP3/bass pop 05.mp3 (46.90KB)
  • /MP3/Bass-19.mp3 (179.44KB)
  • /MP3/effect-01.mp3 (179.44KB)
  • /MP3/funk bass-07.mp3 (36.70KB)
  • /MP3/kick 10-01.mp3 (46.90KB)
  • /MP3/kick.mp3 (170.26KB)
  • /MP3/noise bass 08-02.mp3 (49.68KB)
  • /MP3/Snare 01-01.mp3 (80.54KB)
  • /MP3/Snare 02-06.mp3 (58.11KB)

"All Your Basses"
by The Institute of Contemporary Music

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