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The Ghost Of 2022

uploaded: Fri, Jan 13, 2023 @ 3:44 AM
FeaturingVidian, Stefan Kartenberg, Admiral Bob
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(also – bpm matched but not edited – I just let them play)
Vidian – beat and synth groove (the first part of Vidian’s original, repeated once)
Stefan Kartenberg – drums
Admiral Bob – bass

I had originally sung my last upload, ‘2022’, to this mix, which also had Javolenus’ guitar in it. But I ended up liking that better with just the guitar.

When I went back to listen to just these three tracks I found myself wordlessly vocalizing to it (still in the headspace of having just dwelt on 2022 long enough to write a song about it), so I hit record and did it twice more. So it’s kind of like the ghost of 2022. Ooo, I finally have a title for it. I was going to call it simply Caterwauling because it reminded me of that scene from The Black Cat within Tales Of Terror with Joyce Jameson ‘singing’ and an exasperated Peter Lorre saying, “oh will you stop that infernal caterwauling?!”

"The Ghost Of 2022"
by Speck

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