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Big John

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This is a silly little ditty inspired by my fiance (wow, did I say fiance??), John. In American culture, masculinity seems to be based on a cornerstone of the typical “western cowboy” — guns, tough guy, meat-eating, native-land invaders. John is nothing like this, although he does love tequila and I consider him to be very masculine indeed. I thought to turn the idea of what a real man is on its side — strength in a gardener instead of a hunter, embracing crops native to Mexico instead of invading and pillaging, leaving the gun behind, getting wrongfully imprisoned for setting pigs free, etc.

Big John makes a special cameo appearance at the end ;)

Big John

Here’s a tale of a man
An American
With a bottle of Silver in his hand
Big John
He’s working the land
Growing all that he can
He’s a cowboy vegetarian
Big John

Big John got the brig
When he set free all the neighbor pigs
He smuggled a swig and began to dig
Big John
Big John

Big John headed south
For the agave crop
With a cork in his mouth
Big John
And men would come from miles around
But none could steal his drinking crown
Big John

They call him Patron
By the lamplight he rolls his own
At home with the smoke, skull and bones
Big John
Big John

Big John left his gun
With his copper bullets on the run
Big John
And the legend told by everyone
He rode into the setting sun
Big John

The fame that he gained
From tequila that shares his name
A hole in his soul burns aflame
Big John
Big John
They call him Patron
Big John

"Big John"
by Snowflake

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