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Exploring the darker side of love…

A big thanks to AB for some great stems and inspiration.

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Well it happens when I’m least expecting it
a hold of his eye just enough to permit
attention that follows wherever you go
you politely reciprocate these smiles I know

I should know that theres nothing to read into it
but as much as I try
I just cant seem to quit
I’m not like the man as you want me to be
when controlled by my unbridled jealousy

When the evenings are warm and the summer is long
and we’re out on the town and your friends come along
they are cruising for someone to get their love on
why should I question your intentions?
But I sit there alone with you right by my side
my suspicions they poison my logic inside
try to peek at your phone for some message you hide
when theres nothing in there but me

To test if you love me I could set you free
and if you might return and come right back to me
I’m not like the man that you want me to be
uncontrolled in my unbridled jealousy
all consumed by old foe my jealousy
you can see in my eyes its my jealousy

You may tell I’ve been hurt
many times before
she would slip away slowly
my hand in the door
Watching her love
draining out from the shore
Stripped of pride
all I’m left is my jealousy

To test if you love me I could set you free
and if you might return and come right back to me
I’m not the green monster that sometimes you see
not controlled by that unbridled jealousy
learn to fight off my old foe that jealousy
with my eyes that give more than just jealousy

Oh my jealousy
keep control of my unbridled jealousy
with a love that gives more than just jealousy

Scomber x 2021

by ScOmBer

2021 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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