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Mr Brown Goes to Washington

uploaded: Wed, Mar 4, 2009 @ 9:55 PM
FeaturingLoveshadow & British PM on US Public Radio
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Mr Chips (ur sorry, Mr Brown) Goes to Washington.
I’m perhaps being a bit hard on the poor British PM; it really was not a bad speech, but then again…
Gordy’s Shakespearean-like soliloquy is courtesy of US public radio (public domain) or is it really Richard Burtons ghost which I picked up surfing shortwave radio??
Lets just hope that next time I choose to visit the Old dart Gordy hasn’t tipped off immigration at Heathrow. :-(
This is offense 23 out of a possible 365 in my treasonous adventure.
Many thanks to Lord Loveshadow of Sussex for a glitchy groove. I played the funk guitar against it for Obama and his best new mate Stevie.
Take me to the Tower!
S x

Here’s the court transcript;

Mr Brown Goes to Washington

The right honorable Gordon Brown

It is a partnership of purpose
I come to this great capital,
of this great nation
not the endless void of the unknown !
let us be honest !?
people said it would never happen in our lifetime
but should we surcome
to a race to the bottom
the world economy
will double in size…

Mr Brown

Let me tell you Mr Brown!
standn all tall
in your brand new suit
there’s a new groove that we’ve found
now the banks are closed
and burnt our loot
And the merchant banker too,
walking those streets
to shine a shoe.
can you tell me what we have
to do now??
Mr Brown…

It is simple.
And I want you to know,
that we will never forget the people whose names they never knew
which there is not a piece of land
then another
and then another…
We know that your loss is our loss!
(Mr Brown)
And let me therefore promise you
our contingent support
to ensure that there is no hiding place for financial institutions
(formed and forged)
then another
and then another…
And I know that you will allow me
to single out a special mention today
Her Majesty the Queen
And when banks have failed…
then another
and then another…
And markets have faltered,
there’s no conventional thinking
we have learned through this world downturn…
But the very financial instruments that were designed to diversify risk across the banking system
instead -
spread contagion right across the globe.

Mr Brown went down to Washington today
new suit and purple tie!
black limo
and not a lot to say!


“Oh Barack, will you be my Valentine?”

“Cause I got an election
not a firm erection
and the Bond St boys
want to keep their toys
and they say your the man!
with whom I should align”

“Can I have an autograph Mr Obama?
fake a smile for a Kennedy
here’s a knighthood here and there
if you wanna?

Cause I’m doin alright,
can’t you see?
and while the suburbs burn
and the people learn
how to spell out “treachery”

(Mr Brown)

And today’s financial institutions
they’re so interwoven:
no safe haven for terror-ism!

then another
and then another…
we know that your loss is our loss.

(Mr Brown…yeah)

Scomber 2009
23 of 365
Vote 1 Gordon Brown here

"Mr Brown Goes to Washington"
by ScOmBer

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