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teru's Guitar Pack

uploaded: Fri, Jun 2, 2006 @ 2:55 PM

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  • /Guitar Pack/085_A_HC_7_Finger_Picked-AcGuitar2.wav (243.32KB)
  • /Guitar Pack/085_A_HC_7_Finger_Picked_AcGuitar.wav (491.79KB)
  • /Guitar Pack/090_D_Tapsa_Athm_Loop_Guitar.wav (3.60MB)
  • /Guitar Pack/092_E_fourstones_EverydayChoices_ElGuitar.wav (286.48KB)
  • /Guitar Pack/099_D_D#_MarcosOliva_Brasileiro_AcGuitar.wav (417.89KB)
  • /Guitar Pack/124_D#_Y_Ohara_WGB_AcGuitarStrum.wav (2.59MB)
  • /Guitar Pack/LICENSE.TXT (576)

"teru's Guitar Pack"
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