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Gods and Demons

uploaded: Fri, Jan 29, 2010 @ 9:40 AM
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This is a story about Gods and Demons
not the fairytale creations
but the real ones
that don’t care whether or not you believe in them
The other side
which lies
right here
steering the wheel
And bringing down the power
not counting the hours
Now… how it all began
and created life
running through the world like sand
in an hourglass
so fast
that cannot be seen in the darkness
and if you hearken back to the old days
to the old ways
you will remember what it was like to be able to talk to anyone
even those who were dead
or dying
and find
that you yourself were among the hidden voices, crying

Now sometimes one has to be careful when dealing with such dark places
because life is fragile and is created by sacred spaces
and sometimes
fragile bonds
and awakening to the chaos that binds it all together
can split the mind asunder
and bring thunder
a maze that can be endless, the abyss
that stares back up at you and

my friend is where my story begins
So Let me share a tale thusly
a tale of bright lights and black holes
a tale of the known and unknown
It began on a calm, distant, sandy beachy shore
and walking in this strange place
hearing voices within and without
begging for escape
I was reminded of some distant past which I was barely perceiving
and some garbled messages my mind was receiving
C’Thulhu(kathulu) or some other monster
some demon watching
And this place was infused with night
an eerie silence, an ethereal blight
as i walked, i found
the ground, everything, eevry whispering sound
watching, waiting, bended by me
so i did some tests
to see how much i could see
how much i could bend
reality to my will
turn dust into gold i did
turn water into wine i did
turn ashes into life
i did
the truth became apparent
this divine power inherent
in me
i was created to be
a god
and not
anything less
a power i could use to create more light
abolish my lonely nights
and this i did
banashing the blight
the darkness, the unsightly things
that reminded me of where i’d been
and this went on for many years
as i rose from a ragged noone
to the king on the throne
until i was sick as i could be
and all i could see
was death
but i would not be releasing
i smiled, and yet
the unseen fret
and weathered down on me
the demons i did not see
were of my own creation
telling me this time and station were up
and i died
and the cycle thrived
so in the beyond i sit
completely adrift
with memories of eternal powers
and endless hours
yet i am back
to say, at last
for every rhyme, there is a reason
for every change, there is a season
In the old days there were secret ways
guarded by priests on holy days
when i saw the truth
i realized the demons i’d immortalized
were holding my own sacred breath
until there was just nothing left
so all i know, what is, just is
make sure you’re ready to believe you’re blessed

"Gods and Demons"
by ozjthomas

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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