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Winter - hold me back (Extended Heat)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 26, 2023 @ 9:15 AM
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You know, I tend to drift… At the begging I started with the idea to create a slight longer club mix of this remix.

Then I started playing. And a couple of interesting new plugins dropped for free. Heatwave (at the moment available for free!) was one of those. The other one is “Fresh Air”, also by Slate Digital. These plugins are pretty simple but can have huge effects. Heatwave is a combination of a multiband compressor with distortion, drive and clipping - and everything comes with very little kobs and sliders. So there are less chances for mistakes. It warms up the sounds quite amazing while giving them a very nice edge. Fresh Air distributes middle and higher frequencies on the stereo field making everything sound more wide.

Enough advertisment - take a listen and decide yourself. :)

"Winter - hold me back (Extended Heat)"
by musikpirat

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