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Be The Music

uploaded: Wed, Feb 8, 2017 @ 6:00 AM last modified: Wed, Feb 8, 2017 @ 10:53 PM  (add)
byChandan Boruah
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this song is about my passion for music

aye xongeetor bikhoye moi koi asu aji
kotha napata jodi, kinu baru koribo pari
xosa kotha koboloi gole mur bor bhal laagi jaai
feels good to listen to some songs ekebaare pai!

jee bhitorot feel kora just try to express that
that is the actual music not to impress the market
xosa xongeet tumar hridoyor bhitor pora ahe
kabak saai saai gaan gale eku feelings nahe

music can change the world forever misa kotha nohoi
kaam kori beya pau teneka sobre bhoi hoi
express yourself kunu dukh hoboye nuware
bhaba xopunbur keneke tumar xosa hobo pare

aanor kotha xuni tumi jodi palti maribo para
poisar tensionot jodihe music eri diboloi dhora
money comes of course you would be miserable
in a way would have killed yourself cause your extremely feeble

misaak prosyoy nidiba xotyo tumar bhitrot ase
mur xotyo mur gaan hoi xokoluwe gom paise
its my deepest expression coming from the inside
i like it i live for music expressed to the outside.

akaxor tora buror majot tumi gonibo pariba
xagoror dhour majot janu tumi khelibo pariba
bhal puwa jodi mur gaan ajiyey xuniba
kosto nidiba xokoluke tumi morom koriba

If you wanna live your life then feel the vibe
feel the soul deep inside
Impact made is not to be left behind did you understand what i said in your mind?
be the music

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"Be The Music"
by Chandan Boruah

2017 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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