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Hey Mister...

uploaded: Mon, Mar 29, 2010 @ 8:04 AM
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Hey you Mister…
listen to me. I am woman, talented,
knowledgeable, and free.
I like to play the game, fun and fiery,
amorous and seductive; although
there’s more to know.

Hey you Mister…
let’s make a deal…I’ll seek out your best qualities,
sensibilities, your discerning intelligence,
what makes you astute, insightful, and perceptive.
I expect likewise, from you.
This is the only way we may construe
the beauty and connection between us,
what makes the two of us different from the rest.

Hey you Mister…
I propose to you to explore the essence
of who I am, my inner sensibilities,
what shines my glow, everything you need to know.
Remember this, do not jump ahead,
do not pass GO, without giving me the chance to show
my inner beauty and soul.

Hey you Mister…
You will more than displease me
if you proceed with conversing and playing with me
as if I am no more than a generic, empty tool
that is merely a devise for your physical reaction
and personal satisfaction,
having nothing to do with you and me…
let me tell you I am no fool.

Hey you Mister…
don’t misunderstand as I have said - I like to play, I like the game,
but I warn you again – do not pass Go - until you have done your homework
that shows you want to know – ME.
The good news is as we go forward,
both researching and searching our minds, hearts, and inner glow
the sexual and sensual crescendo
will be grander than you will ever know.
Then - you may pass GO and touch me so.

S. Shields, 2010

"Hey Mister..."
by Silkwords

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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