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Closing Of The Window

uploaded: Mon, Feb 18, 2019 @ 10:27 AM
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Having been through two marriages and more than enough affairs it never fails to amaze me how a deep love can turn into a briar to be held tentativley until the opportunity to discard it for a fresh rose appears

Its a race to the mountain
To climb and be seen
By those who remember
When all this was just dreams
And clouds have now parted
The summit is near
Your feeling contented
Your vision is clear

You are who you are girl
I am what I am
We’re ruffling the feathers
We’re making new plans
You wanted the mirror
The window wouldn’t do
You needed reflection
No interest in truth

I gave you a sentence
You needed a book
The paragraphs hurt you
Much more than my looks
And if you are stealing
The night from the day
I’m happy to tell you
What got in the way

We are not the first here
We won’t be the last
We ache for the future
But still cling to the past
Some bask in the sunshine
Some walk in the rain
We know what we’re after
Its always the same

"Closing Of The Window"
by Radioontheshelf

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Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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