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There is nothing like a nice smile to brighten up the day.

Especially in Autumn

People are lovely when they smile
Makes a person warm inside
Even a smirk will do
It will help to get you through
Those days when life is dishing out the blues

So come on and move that upper lip
Push it near your nose you’ll feel so hip
Your friends will gasp in awe
At what they never saw before
You’re probably now half way to a kiss

So pucker up and and let your tongue vibrate
The ladies at the bar can hardly wait
They’ve seen your type before
Good intent but full of flaws
Still they’re ready to defend the bits that shake

But that smile can take you any place you like
Its a passport that will take you somewhere nice
Into a ladies room
Where you’ll rustle up a tune
On a wrinkled ukele that’ll do you proud all night

God bless the man who’s lost his frown
The sucker whose the happiest in town
He’s got a smile from ear to ear
And his diary he’s cleared
For the invites from the coolest cats around

So put your visage into gear
And let your facial muscles reappear
Begin to lose the pain
Treat those imposters with disdane
And spread that smile from ear to ear
Play Smile

by Radioontheshelf

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