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Odd Man Out

uploaded: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 @ 12:02 AM last modified: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 @ 12:07 AM  (add)
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Apologies in advance
My hope for the holidays is a little editorial forgiveness for appearing to remix my own stuff. I fell in love with texasradiofish’s instrumental work in Yesterday’s Up to Us but wanted to try something a little different. So this is a remix of that bass and piano STEM only, with a reperformance of the vocal line added.

Odd Man Out?
I often throw in extra bars in performance, especially in pells. Usually it’s to catch my breath, though sometimes it doubles as dramatic effect. My 12 bar blues are almost always 13 or 14 bars per verse; my 8 bar progressions end up in 9 bar phrases or, worse, as in the case of Up to Us, there’s an extra bar “between” each 16-bar verse for phrasing.

So one motivation for this was to do justice to the 16-bar loop. When remixing me, you can usually get rid of these bars by assuming I used a quarter-note pickup and then added 3 beats at the end of the verse to leave a little slack. Here, I just unperformed it.

I also got interested in the pitch adjustment. B is an odd key for me, right at the top and bottom of my natural range. I’ve included a pell for each in the STEMs, one tenor (used here), one baritone. I thought about mixing them both, but liked it more spare. Finally, it ended up so much more elegant than with my original mechanical accompaniment I just wanted to post it.

Hope (for the holidays) that satisfies convention.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vox and harp STEMs

  • /oddManOut_Harmonica_Dry_T01.flac (1.87MB)
  • /oddManOut_Vox01_Bari_DryC01.flac (8.50MB)
  • /oddManOut_Vox01_Tenor_DryT03.flac (10.05MB)
  • /oddManOut_Vox01_Tenor_WetT03.flac (11.24MB)

"Odd Man Out"
by Mr_Yesterday

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