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uploaded: Wed, Apr 19, 2023 @ 5:32 AM last modified: Tue, Jun 6, 2023 @ 12:50 AM  (replace)
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EDM beats track title “Love” (you can easily tell I must have had a few relational issues in the past).
Unprocessed stems and Fruity Loops Mobile score available for download.
The chord progression was built over a chord and a scale generated by Text to Chord, my free and open source program to turn text into chords. For this track I have converted the word “Love” to a chord and a scale.
You can find the program here:
Play Love

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems

  • /Love.flp (122.11KB)
  • /kick+snare.flac (79.58KB)
  • /kick+snare break.flac (153.19KB)
  • /hats.flac (118.81KB)
  • /PoiZone Square Bass.flac (319.21KB)
  • /Sytrus Warm Pad.flac (415.27KB)
  • /AcidSeq.flac (221.48KB)
  • /Kbd Funkey.flac (238.73KB)
  • /Kbd Drop.flac (273.88KB)
  • /Portalead.flac (472.36KB)
  • /Lead Disto.flac (421.40KB)
  • /crash.flac (74.43KB)
  • /love.flm (199.02KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: drum stems

  • /hats.flac (118.81KB)
  • /kick.flac (36.13KB)
  • /snare break.flac (148.79KB)
  • /snare.flac (79.10KB)
  • /toms break.flac (60.67KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: processed stems

  • /processed stems/AcidSeq proc.flac (1.49MB)
  • /processed stems/bass subs proc.flac (1.23MB)
  • /processed stems/bass tweeter proc.flac (1.47MB)
  • /processed stems/coke glass red.wav (321.61KB)
  • /processed stems/crash.flac (74.43KB)
  • /processed stems/hats proc.flac (396.82KB)
  • /processed stems/Kbd Drop proc.flac (1.36MB)
  • /processed stems/Kbd Funkey proc.flac (1.34MB)
  • /processed stems/kick proc mix.flac (148.66KB)
  • /processed stems/kick sub proc.flac (76.15KB)
  • /processed stems/kick tweeter proc.flac (147.60KB)
  • /processed stems/kit.flp (377.23KB)
  • /processed stems/LeadDisto proc.flac (1.51MB)
  • /processed stems/Love processed mix.flp (145.96KB)
  • /processed stems/Love processed mix.mp3 (2.66MB)
  • /processed stems/noise proc.flac (2.26MB)
  • /processed stems/patent room impulse.wav (508.29KB)
  • /processed stems/Portalead proc.flac (1.54MB)
  • /processed stems/snare proc mix env.flac (43.06KB)
  • /processed stems/snare proc mix.flac (122.44KB)
  • /processed stems/snare proc.flac (136.60KB)
  • /processed stems/snare sub proc.flac (98.76KB)
  • /processed stems/snare2 proc.flac (147.87KB)
  • /processed stems/tom hi proc.flac (76.95KB)
  • /processed stems/tom low proc.flac (129.79KB)
  • /processed stems/tom mid proc.flac (184.74KB)
  • /processed stems/Warm Pad proc.flac (1.46MB)

by Fonazza-Stent

2023 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (4.0)

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