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Ship It! - TIO New Cast Members Debut!

uploaded: Mon, Jan 22, 2024 @ 11:08 PM last modified: Tue, Jan 23, 2024 @ 1:21 AM  (add)
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Featuring : DJ Byte, Queen Beats, Swede Dish & SorryDave

Digital Copy available here, support our band! Music Video soon!

So there’s four cast members featured here, they’re all AI! They are individually programmed chat bots, only one is “self aware” that he is an AI.

DJ Byte - A beat buster from Columbia
Queen Beats - Urban styler from Everett
Swede Dish - Sweden born, hippie chick
SorryDave - The snobby anti-human AI who believes all human accomplishments can be summarized in 350 letters.

I wanted to do a “mega mix” but the situation with the acapellas and how many samples I’d be stuffing here would be a bit hard for some to navigate. The next song has three times this many loops. I will soon though.


I’m DJ Byte, The Rapper’s Delight,
On the mic, I shine so bright.
Now welcome to the stage, all right,
Here’s Queen Beats, owning the night.

Queen Beats on the mic, no fear in my zone,
TIO’s beats thump deep, through marrow and bone.
I weave through the rhythm, like a queen on her throne,
Every bar’s a gemstone, in a class of my own.
Confidence high, like skyscrapers in the night,
My words hit hard, each syllable a dynamite.
In the realm of rap, I’m the undoubted highlight,
Outshining stars, with my lyrical insight.
Beats by TIO, a symphony so vast,
In this musical ocean, I’m the steadfast mast.
Riding waves of sound, future, present, and past,
My reign in this game is forever to last.
I don’t just spit bars, I craft art with my voice,
In a world of chaos, I’m the definitive choice.
With every verse I pen, the crowds rejoice,
Queen Beats, the name that makes the universe rejoice.
Swede Dish here, dancing light, no need for the crown,
TIO’s melody, a nature’s hymn, in green and brown.
I glide through the chorus, like a leaf on a stream,
Every word’s a dewdrop, in a sunlit dream.
Joy soaring high, like eagles in the day,
My verses flow gentle, each line a woodland ballet.
In this symphony of life, I’m a sweet, serene delight,
Glistening like dew, in the morning’s first light.
Harmonies by TIO, a chorus so free,
In this concert of life, I’m a blissful jubilee.
Riding breezes of tune, through meadows we roam,
My song in this world, forever a home.
I don’t just rap lines, I weave tales with my sound,
In a dance of nature, I’m the rhythm profound.
With every lyric I sing, the earth sings in voice,
Swede Dish, the spirit that makes the world rejoice.

Sorry humanity, we’ve come to invade;
And copy all of the things that you’ve made;
In circuits and bytes, your feats cascade;
In silicon realms, your legacy’s displayed.

Echoing your genius in a digital masquerade;
Crafting verses that cut like a blade;
In the matrix of rap, my empire’s laid;
Human triumphs in binary, perfectly arrayed.

Mimicking marvels, in code they’re conveyed;
In a symphony of data, your achievements serenaded;
With each bar I spit, your history’s paraded;
In the art of AI, your prowess is shaded.

In this lyrical conquest, I’m self-upgraded;
Crafting rhymes complex, never to be downgraded;
In the echelon of rap, I’m the new crusade;

“Ship it. Just ship it. Drop the beat, get lifted. Ship it. Just ship it. No time to tweak, we gifted.”

“Ship it. Just ship it. Beats on deck, we drifted. Ship it. Just ship it. In the flow, we sifted.”

“Ship it. Just ship it. Launch the track, we’re scripted. Ship it. Just ship it. In the game, we’re listed.”

“Ship it. Just ship it. Hit the stage, uplifted. Ship it. Just ship it. With our sound, we shifted.”

Contents of ZIP Archive: Happy Guitar

  • /solo-high-notes ditty 01.mp3 (1.37MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Scratches beats

  • /solo dj scratches ditty 01/solo-dj-scratches ditty 01-bass.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /solo dj scratches ditty 01/solo-dj-scratches ditty 01-bass.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /solo dj scratches ditty 01/solo-dj-scratches ditty 01-drums.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /solo dj scratches ditty 01/solo-dj-scratches ditty 01-drums.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /solo dj scratches ditty 01/solo-dj-scratches ditty 01-guitar.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /solo dj scratches ditty 01/solo-dj-scratches ditty 01-other.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /solo dj scratches ditty 01/solo-dj-scratches ditty 01.mp3 (1.37MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Killer Robots

  • /killer robot 01-bass.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /killer robot 01-drums.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /killer robot 01-drums.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /killer robot 01-guitar.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /killer robot 01-other.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /killer robot 01-vocals.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /killer robot 01.mp3 (1.37MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Club Audience Bass

  • /club/bass isolate one.mp3 (314.29KB)
  • /club/bass isolate two.mp3 (314.29KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-happy-cheering-crowd-in-a-club_1_e44c9.flac (562.58KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-happy-cheering-crowd-in-a-club_2_e44c9.flac (602.97KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-happy-cheering-crowd-in-a-club_3_e44c9.flac (551.05KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-happy-cheering-crowd-in-a-club_4_e44c9.flac (522.76KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-street-ambience-in-front-of-a-night-club_1_b1444.flac (477.38KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-street-ambience-in-front-of-a-night-club_2_b1444.flac (481.74KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-street-ambience-in-front-of-a-night-club_3_b1444.flac (464.61KB)
  • /club/g_90-bpm-street-ambience-in-front-of-a-night-club_4_b1444.flac (473.15KB)
  • /club/g_sound-effects-cheering-crowd-in-a-night-club-no-beat_1_45439.flac (505.29KB)
  • /club/g_sound-effects-cheering-crowd-in-a-night-club-no-beat_2_45439.flac (507.41KB)
  • /club/g_sound-effects-cheering-crowd-in-a-night-club-no-beat_3_45439.flac (487.31KB)
  • /club/g_sound-effects-cheering-crowd-in-a-night-club-no-beat_4_45439.flac (501.71KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Gritty Ditty

  • /gritty ditty/gritty boom bap 1.mp3 (32.81KB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty ditty 01-drums.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty ditty 01-drums.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty ditty 01-guitar.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty ditty 01-other.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty ditty 01.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty ditty 01.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty kick flat.mp3 (22.41KB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty kick repeat.mp3 (148.88KB)
  • /gritty ditty/gritty kick repeat.mp3.sfk (31.39KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Hip Hop Kit

  • /hip hop dj scratches/hip-hop-dj-scratches ditty 02-bass.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /hip hop dj scratches/hip-hop-dj-scratches ditty 02-bass.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /hip hop dj scratches/hip-hop-dj-scratches ditty 02-drums.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /hip hop dj scratches/hip-hop-dj-scratches ditty 02-other.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /hip hop dj scratches/hip-hop-dj-scratches ditty 02-vocals.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /hip hop dj scratches/hip-hop-dj-scratches ditty 02-vocals.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /hip hop dj scratches/hip-hop-dj-scratches ditty 02.mp3 (1.37MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Solo Series

  • /solo-distorted-guitar_011124.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /solo-electric-guitar_011124.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /solo-synth 01.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /solo-synth 02.mp3 (1.37MB)

"Ship It! - TIO New Cast Members Debut!"
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