Windfall for ccMixter

Windfall for ccMixter

“WindfallCelebrate ccMixter’s 11th birthday with a Windfall Shirt.

The ccMixter community has been creating music together for 11 years. Collaborating with Mixters around the world is so connecting, so inspiring — let's make sure ccMixter keeps going strong. You can help ccMixter cover some of its costs by creating a Windfall!

  • Buy a Windfall Secret Mixter shirt. This shirt, designed by our own Kara Square, will look great and make you feel great too. Wearing it will be a reminder of how you support our community.

  • Join ccPlus. Earn royalties for ccPlus license sales, find your tracks on YouTube that aren’t following CC license terms and help educate about Attribution — while supporting the community too.

  • Make a Direct Donation. This is a simple way to give — and we thank you!

  • Tweet: Get a Windfall Secret Mixter Shirt for our 11th birthday! @ccMixerMusicSpread the word. Suggest others get a shirt to help ccMixter!

And what about the music??

The Windfall Secret Mixter was stellar! Upload day was November 15 and there were over 50 incredible new tracks submitted. Check out tracks HERE or listen in the player below.