Constellations of Music Secret Mixter

His head is made of stars, but not yet arranged into constellations. ~Elias Canetti

We’re celebrating 12 years at ccMixter! That’s right - a dozen circles around the sun and twelve times passing through 30° divisions of celestial longitude. If notes of music are compared to stars, remixes are like little sonic constellations.

Wish ccMixter a Happy Birthday with the Constellations of Music Secret Mixter.

We sign-up through October 15. Assignments were be emailed October 16. We remixed until upload day, October 30. Read about the rules of the Constellations of Music Secret Mixter HERE.

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Here’s the playlist
for simplified listening.

Read more in the Forum Post.

The sign up period for this mixup is closed. The mixup particpants should be uploading right now(!)