Editors' Picks


Chill, downtempo remix with ethereal vocals. Snowflake’s remix of airtone and mwic is soothing and inspiring. Push play and shut your eyes for a moment. Meditate. Conquer fear. Transmutate.
Kara Square

There's A Place

Ambient, immersive downtempo pop. Loveshadow’s remix of Cole Morrall’s alluring vocal creates a healing, hope-filled space for chilling out. There’s a place for us all.
Kara Square

Piece of the Moon

Dark electro pop with soul-stirringly poignant lyrics and frigidly cool vocals. Scomber took Kraftamt’s melancholic orchestral stems and penned an epic, wistful track for the isolation. As Scomber asks: Who took a piece out of the moon?
Kara Square

the road back

You wait for the Sleeper bus for ever..and then two come along at the same time.


Sassy electronic dance music! Kraftamt brings a head bobbing, foot tapping club beat to Sassygal’s Mirror Mirror. Listen to Sassygal’s voice soar effortlessly over Kraftamt’s driving EDM.

Stayin @ Home - Kara Square and Piero Peluche

Piero Peluche’s pop wobble punk remix of Kara Square’s Stay @ Home is delightful and inspiring. And, you can dance to it.

ccMixter’s Speck opines, “Fantastic! Whether dancin’ at home or walkin’ on the sun.”

Now Understand This (IsoDance Remix)

Old School funk with modern, prophetic insights, ‘Now Understand This’ is a must listen during these pandemic days. Cure yourself of apathy and disease and join Joel Frijters, Speck and the ccMixter community in becoming a catalyst for change.

Different Planet

My standard for Ed picks is (1) My head starts bobbing, (2) I get goosebumps, (3) I immediately want to hear the track again. This particular piece of pop perfection not only ticked all those boxes but reminded me that there’s a right and a wrong way to ride gain and use multiband compression.

I’d put mykle’s writing and voice along with Loveshadow’s production up against anybody on the charts. It’s that good.


Everyone Has Gone Home

Hypnotic rhythms, angsty but tasty guitar, and lyrics that point, illuminate and rouse stir you with Everyone Has Gone Home. Spinningmerkaba on the mic and axe, to septahelix’s loops. Wait for the end!

Our Voices Shall Be Heard

Rise up with the light
Raise your melodic voice to fight
Our Voices Shall Be Heard
We will change and make things right.

Knowledge is The Power

mykleanthony brings a powerful mix that fits perectly with the vocals. A nice and refreshing sound all around.

Duality [Quarantine Edition]

by: Jihfa
Jihfa describes this song as “an aggressive electronic mix with dubstep influences”. Couldn’t have described it any better. Lights up my mood in an otherwise pretty sad time.

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Never Should Have Let You Down

A beautiful arrangement and nicely done. Texasradiofish’s song has me daydreaming of a beautiful summer day in the late 70’s. Sitting down at a park, watching a softball game and listening to the AM radio. Wonderful memories.
Mana Junkie

The Day We Went To Tesco's

A Beautiful relaxing track, with great production. A killer sax and a beautiful sample from Old Dog. Radioontheshelf shines on this. Well done Sir.

Against The Shadow

Against The Shadow is remixing at it’s best. Seamless supportive voicing and arrangement makes the vocal track naturally compelling. It’s a pell and production match that pulls the heartstrings.