Editors' Picks

Midnight Pumpkins

Hip hop perfection is attained in this latest Chilla masterpiece. Totally different take on the EMONIC accapella ‘Up Until Now’, it has a minimal, kicked back, spooky edge. Completely contemporary in feel. You sense this all happened so easily for Pat. A 5 star banger that is definitely one for the whip.


Funky, sexy and oh yea, a plug for the site. This is the forumla for ed picks ladies and gentlemen. ;)

Learn it, churn it, don’t burn it.
ccMixter Admin

Quando o dia vem

Brilliant track…Squarepusher meets brazilian bossa electro, with an equal balance of acoustic and electronic. Very melodic track…great drums throughout, I even dig the carnivale style firework toms. Download this before you have to pay for it.

Dub Philosophy (Mad _ghost mix)

by: _ghost
Great track thievery corp/Dzihan & Kamien vibe going on here. Warm ambient synth melodies meet middle eastern styled breakbeats with a surprise morph into electro clash toward the end of the track. A great mix.

The Message

A brilliant collaboration effort by CDK and Shockshadow. Emotional enough to bring a tear to Dr. C’s eye I’m sure. ; )

Borrow and Take

Call it cut-hop or hip-glitch, ccMixter veteran Ashwan captures the meaning of ‘make something new from something old’ in this collage of beats, scratches and vocal samples.

Bonus: listen for the spits by curious!


Beautiful mix…Jungle Bros meets Blackalicious. Tons of sonic surprises in an eclectic hip hop mix reminiscent of alot of the great groups of the hip hop underground.

Donīt Stop REMIX

by: DaMo
Damo is a tru pimp. This is a great club style hip hop track. It don’t stop… it just flows. On the mastering side the levels on each aspect are prime. Download this or catch it on ccmixter radio.

Braving the Rain

haunting yet blissful, shochshadow pulls it out again, making one of the most beautiful works i have heard here, trip-hop at it’s peak
big bass, little piano, perfect vocals make this mix really reach the listener


Cool, sexy, smooth flow comes at ya from a stunning track from Tru_ski (his first upload here). A perfect production, rap and use of the Copyright Criminals samples. The sound reminds of the very best of 70’s soul, yet with a modern edge that makes your insides melt.

To say we’re looking forward to more from Tru is the understatement of the new year.

Girl and Supergirl [Trance mix 2006]

Definitely an edgy late night club style trance mix. DJs should eat this track up. I’m not a huge trance fan…but as a music connoisseur this ranks up there with some of the best trance tracks I’ve heard. Dutch Dance Connect just upped the ante in the ccmixter Trance Tags with this track.

Reworked Out Fine

the new classic rock is here with this amazing work from mc jack.
bongo’s, hip-hop, and soul pulse from this very mellow mix.
with brad vocals on top, this song is a ten..

I Never Get Out

The Electronic Cowboy is in full effect!!! shockshadow is back with a new joint that’s so stylish and hip that you would’ve never suspected that the original sounded like a Robert Palmer B side cut. This track is definitely dance floor ready and ccMixter approved!!!!
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla


by: _ghost
I would put this on a mix tape between Badly Drawn Boy and LemonJelly. A dreamy Lullaby by [space]ghost. Or is it [underscore]ghost? ; )

Modern ambient with beautiful vocal touches by Krishinda.

INSTRUMENTAL (Future Retro Activity)

Instant satisfaction, close your eyes and feel the inspiration of
“Future Retro” the Beat Gorilla comes back strong reminding us that beats are stil alive