Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Editors' Picks

Good Enough (GE Piano mix)

These great Trifonic vocals were bound to inspire people to want to match their emotional delivery.

George here moves into a deeper shadow and shows his skill and sensitivity.

It is more than just good enough. Quite simply for me if you dont feel this, get someone to check your pulse.

The Sweetest Sin

A sinfully sweet house mix by Loveshadow. You can’t help but to enjoy this track which uses the Trifonic samples ft. Amelia June which were put up a mere 36 hours ago.

“this is exactly the kind of thing we were hoping for in releasing the stems.” - Trifonic

The same but different (Jazzy style RMX)

Hooks you in the first 8 bars, gets you out of your chair by 16. Luxury Lounge ( Yea I named it )

Retro & contemporary in an infectious cocktail of groove & style spilt over a flavour of Tom Brown.

Only 2.30 long so loop it up and move the furniture.

Identity of Self (Andrew MAze mix)

Crazy, glitchy high energy re-remix of site fav hisboyelroy by newcomer (but harldy newbie) MAze. A wild psychedelic danceable romp though the emotional terrain of both these fine musicians.

Trust (2.12am)

by: AT
Audiotechnica, brilliantly places the very original voice and work of Anchor Mejans into a magical operetta - like tour de force. Superb work worthy of a Lloyd Webber musical. Just dont forget your cape.

Slippershell (dnb - techstep)

excellent breaks and melody work bring out everything that this vocal offers launching this track into edpick land

DNA Funkdafied Mix

indcredulous, fantabulous, the speakers are beggin you to play this track

Blue Skys

You can’t beat atmospheric drum and bass done well. A beautiful backdrop to the equally beautiful voice of SilviaO. Tekno_Eddy, well done.

Epitaphe ( Naked In Cannes )

Smooth, soulful downtempo/chill. Marrying spoken word “verses” with a sung “refrain”, Loveshadow reminds us that electronica can be warm and romantic.

Black Is The Night

An expert electro-funk journey of a production of DJ Vadim’s track featuring Katherin DeBoer on vocals. Never a dull moment in scottaltham’s deft treatment. Scott’s been quietly building a brilliant collection here, check it out.

Otto Dangerfield 2008 - Unplugged

by: Alex
A very original and energetic mix of culture..A “Rock”, a “Rap”..we don’t know anymore..but a “Hit”…this is sure…
ditto ditto

So Oh Fish Al (UBQ SweetSour Mix)

by: Da UBQ
Music for your next outer space voyage. An excellent debut trip-hop remix by DaUBQ featuring KCentric on the mic. He’s also been kind enough to share a HIDI.

Best Friend Remix

Powerhouse production values.
George has been delivering this level of quality dance mix consistency across the web for over two years.

This has that catwalk slease that the brands will be vying for.

And after so many good mixes he’s already put out there on the web its a pleasure to pick it.


Deep, sexy grooves under silky synths makes this a great late-night chill track. gillies has been dropping this quality track for a while, it’s about time he gets the props.
Play Echo


A simple but effective use of sounds by Neurowaxx. This is my favorite Brad Sucks song. I always picture the beach when I hear it. How appropriate to have it remixed in Hawaii. : )