Editors' Picks

You Never Cry

Heart rending rock ballad about self-reflection. Scomber expertly realizes Javolenus’ “Older” with a balance of well paced keys, metered percussion, and discreet string work in this nostalgic reverie.

Speculation Alley

Compassionate jazz to soothe the soul. Building upon Javolenus’ “Speculation Street” (featuring Stefan Kartenberg’s harmonica work), Martijn de Boer presents this wonderful, well developed jazz track.

Un Rien Suffit

by: Alex
French hip-hop with a hopeful message! Using J.Lang’s remix of “Kakoi,” veteran ccMixter Alex sets the stage for rapper King Siroko (of BOCrew) in this well produced hip-hop track.

ccMixter House Music

Hip house anthem for ccMixter! With culinary craftsmanship, texasradiofish presents a high-energy house mix featuring 16 ccMixter artists — the epitome of collaboration!

Same Destinations

Forget allusions to Mr. Cohen. This is a seasoned traveller stating his truth for anyone willing to listen from start to finish. Listen and it will strengthen you.


Circus Of Life

Circus-themed narrative set to a romantic tango. Martijn de Boer’s remix of reiswerk’s “Entre Muros” serves as the setting for Radioontheshelf’s rich imagery with a vocal styling akin to Leonard Cohen.

michael webb's hymn

by: panu
Sometimes remixing is as simple as delicately packaging and delivering a flower. Panu’s unplugged production of Michael Webb’s Hymn featuring piano and Native American flute delicately expresses a wonderfully heartfelt sentiment. A nicely mixed and inspiring break from the amplified and televised noise of the day.

Amplify the Light

Amplify The Light is a musical vigil for dark times. Burn a candle and listen. The dawn of hope is in your heart.

Hey, Mr. Sun (Finally Fall Bossa)

Tongue-in-cheek bossa nova theme for the changing of leaves. Siobhan Dakay creates a heartfelt and well developed atmosphere for CiggiBurns, with vocal stylings similar to Astrud Gilberto and Dionne Warwick.


If you are a child of 80´s you will love this song. A perfect rock pop track mixed by Dan Mantau.
Vocals and lyrics by Snowflake
Music by Urmymuse
Stefan Kartenberg

Better Days (For Kate)

Doxent Zsigmond did a wonderful jazz mix with different artists. Listen to:
Radioontheshelf - vocals
Snowflake - piano
Martijn de Boer - bass
Rocavaco - xaphoon
Stefan Kartenberg

Redial My Heart

Light jazz odyssey reminiscent of Bob James and Euge Groove. Curating elements from selected remixes of Loveshadow’s “Heart on Redial,” texasradiofish gently oscillates between electronic lounge and atmospheric jazz.

Exotic Danger

Old School
Nice, Hector

Job Center Melancholy

Focused instrumental jazz with a funky twist. Building upon the guitar work of Javolenus’ acoustic folk track, Martijn de Boer provides a bright, jazzy atmosphere complete with a compelling rhythm section.

Amplify the Light

Heroic world music anthem glowing with spirit! Balancing a blend of Uwe Hermann’s tribal percussion with a new age atmosphere, Madam Snowflake weaves an inspirational tapestry rich with harmony.