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Editors' Picks

23:55 on the Disco Doomsday Clock

Back to the seventies. Get ready to hit the dance floor.
“Scomber” makes us dance like John Travolta.
In cooperation with “Dysfunction AL” a brilliant disco song was created.
Stefan Kartenberg

Hold on

In a countryside near the sea, there is a gentle breeze humming this melody. Take this opportunity to make this journey as this song guides you there while you keep holding on.

I've Been Waiting At My Door

“I’ve been Waiting At My Door” is one of those songs that reminds me of the hits you heard in the ’70s. A blend of Eagles, a touch of Bob Dylan and a whole lot of soul.
Mana Junkie

I'm Waiting

by: Alex
Have you been waiting for electro pop perfection? Alex Beroza’s well-produced, dynamic remix of Snowflake’s powerful, poignant vocals jumps out of the speakers with sizzling emotion.
Kara Square

Wellerman Comes

Take a trip to the sea with this soft folk sea shanty ballad. Stefan Kartenberg’s arrangement gently compliments Ivan Chew’s alluring, earnest vocals for a historic collaboration.
Kara Square


For his first mix here on ccMixter, Milky_Blue’s electro pop-rock track takes Kara’s poem and bats it right out the park! A grand slam, to be sure! Welcome to the ccMixter team clubhouse!

Somewhere Something

Jazz! Jazz! Jazz!
“Somewhere Something” is very reminiscent of Las Vegas in the 60s.
WhiteWolf made Scomber swing in the best possible way.
Enjoy it
Stefan Kartenberg

Gotta Go

Catch the sleek downtempo beat of raja_ffm’s electro rock remix of “Gotta Go.” Snowflake brings her powerful, chilling vocal delivery and Patronski’s lyrics sharply sting with truth.
Kara Square

I'm Just Tired

When lyrics, vocals and music finds it’s perfect match there is a good chance that Stefan had his guitar plugged in.
He captured the mood of the lyrics and added poetry in form of tones.
Siobhan Dakay

The Past Attacked

Begin to dismantle systemic inequality through Kara Square’s powerful spoken word, joined by Sparky on the track. Listen, and choose the future.


Kraftamt is asking everyone to take a moment to reflect on themselves with this remix. This atmospheric and epic remix will help you look into your very mind and soul with a momentary pause and meditation. With all that is going on, we can certainly use it.
Play Hope

It Hurts Me

Laswell’s take on Songboy’s “It Hurts Me” is just as touching and beautiful as Franks versions. Lasswell’s arrangement and productions is heavenly. Light yet full of emotion.
Listen and enjoy.