Whale Songs Remixes

Editors' Picks

Lies Featuring Trifonic

Trifonic’s “Lies” is clearly the most remixed pella on CCMixter.
At this point it’s been remixed 114 times - for me, Barry Morgan’s wonderful mix is one of the finest.
A sensitive and respectful approach, leaving plenty of room for Amelia June’s angel like breaths.
Close your eyes, slip on the headphones, reflect and journey to another place.

Feeling Your Way

A hauntingly beautiful composition that soars with mesmerizing emotion… Vicky immaculately accompanies the vocals and lyrics of Ciggi Burns in this glistening collaboration. And Ciggi’s warm vocals and phenomenal lyrics pull the listener into this tragic story of fading love.
Mind Map That!

Waiting II

Another beautifull epic journey created by subliminal. Altough it’s a long song I just kept hitting repeat and still I was getting chills.
Abstract Audio


Urmymuse’s guitars take on a vintage hue in this raw, energetic treatment of Narva9 delivering a tasty bit of “pow” that could easily be the headliner in the coolest underground club around.


This song takes you to a place of tenderness and gently holds you there. Airtone puts Timberman’s earnestly quiet interpretation of Panu’s lyric into a downtempo track that moves forward with subtle dynamics, and a surprise orchestral ending that is a sweet dessert.
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Wake Up America

unreal_dm puts his virtually unlimited multi-instrumentalist abilities to good use behind a superb and timely vocal by spinningmerkaba. The result is an infectious pop tune from the late 1970s that you’ll be sorely attempted to leave on your iPod permanently!
Admiral Bob

With Our Powers Combined (Soul Flight)

by: CSoul
Driving with sensual sound, CSoul provides the rhythmic soundtrack for an underground celebration of the unplugged.

Featuring Fireproof Babies, septahelix, Calling Sister Midnight and ephemeral rift, this track is a must add to your DJ playlist.

White In The Moon

Taking inspiration from Anchor Méjans, Geert Veneklaas has crafted a cinematic experience with his virtual orchestra that is both gentle and majestic. This one is sure to give you chills.
Clarence Simpson


This funky electro house track from nacho_cantisano is reminiscent of Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You.” It builds gradually with little vocal blips and lots of atmospheric textures. When SackJo22 starts her fabulous singing, the music perfectly plays off of her phrases with horn blasts and a rolling bass line. Be sure to catch this clever, creative and well-produced track.
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So Chill

by: Speck
If whales could sing, they would sing to this.
MC Jack in the Box

Uninhibited Movements

by: CSoul
Heavy, gritty, aggressively pounding electro glitch with a twist- there’s light-hearted fun behind it. CSoul creates a contrast to the edgy heaviness of this track by getting wildly creative with Brad Sucks’ vocals. Also along for the ride are samples from audiotechnica, i2b, morgantj, and Wired Ant. As a bonus, read CSoul’s vivid description to set the visual scene for this awesome Tubed By You contribution.
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The Right Voice

SackJo22’s vocals have all the beauty and mysticism of a hildegard von bingen masterpiece. A psychoacoustic bedding of drones from Gurdonark and ambient piano of William Berry accompanies Dimitri Artemenko’s haunting gypsy violin.

In Peace, The Love & Happiness Mix

by: J.Lang
Long time producer extraordinaire J. Lang returns with not just a vengeance, but with peace, love, and happiness as well. Enjoy.
MC Jack in the Box


MC Jack in the Box crafts a piece that is hard to describe - Dub with a hint of old style Ska, set to space noises and featuring wry commentary on the music industry by KCentric. What I can’t easily tell you is how much fun this is to listen to, and perhaps even more fun to dance to!
Admiral Bob

Orc March

Its easy to forget sometimes how powerful opera can be; take Carmen, which though dynamic, remains delicate most of the time.

Orc March, in basematic’s conception, is not delicate. It is powerful, swaggering, and almost terrifying in its menace. There’s no guitar part the loudest metalhead could add that would sharpen this piece’s razor sharp swords and battle axes.
Admiral Bob