Break the Silence Event-extended!

Editors' Picks


When the darkness and cold are lingering too long, listen to “Midwinter” from airtone for comforting melancholy. It’s beautiful melodies and stems (featuring onlymeith) paint a snowy soundscape, with faint promise of spring.

This Winter

Wonderful and upbeat holiday pop for the whole family! Perfect for winter holiday videos, with a message of hope — hear the swaying orchestration of reiswerk while Madam Snowflake brings us all together.

Xmas Time II

Catch the Christmas spirit BEAT! This holiday instrumental is ready to enliven your videos, films, animations, and games! Feel the foot stomping FUN!
Kara Square

The Test of Time

Classic country reflection of a road scholar. With elegance and precision, texasradiofish expands the folk music of panu into a full stage band in this allegory of the working class struggle.

I Dont Care (F... em)

by: IS
A hooky, rhythmic satirical reflection of our times — powerful lyrics by Project Question arranged and produced by IngemannStrunch. This reggae groove will have you dancing and shouting the F word in cathartic chorus.

te quiero mas

by: panu
Latin pop acoustic gem. Panu’s light percussion and reverberating nylon string guitar lay the foundation for an ethereal experience. Silvia O’s warm vocals placed at the forefront create an intimate, captivating mix. Panu’s skillful use of build and dynamics with Scott Altham’s piano and pads at the chorus seal the deal. Push play and get lost in the beauty.
Kara Square

You are my Home

Uplifting pop rock expressing gratitude for that special someone. Listen as Thomas Kramer expands Kara Square’s ukelele folk into a full rock band experience with amazing production skills!

Sacred Light

Heavenly rock ballad about spiritual intimacy. With tender guitar work and a discreet rhythm track, Aussens@iter presents a glimmering space for Madam Snowflake’s gentle vocals in this heartwarming remix.

Up in Flames

Timeless and timely, Kara captures the moment with a mix that is hauntingly light and dried hopeful with exhausted tears. From the fires of California, to the fire in our collective heart, this mix burns true.


Great musical sense and production values… . !!!



Layers upon layers of sound that groove and lift into the heart. Notes that rise and flow like bubbles skating across the surface of smiles. It’s mixes like this that drop my jaw in awe. Masterful!

The Junglist (with getatmic)

It starts with a fat hip hop beat and leads you deep into the jungle with a freaky hot bass line and a super funky guitar beat. Your in the 70s when the Moog enters the scene. An excellent secret mix by Mana Junky who treated Michael Burnz vocals just the right way.
Siobhan Dakay


An instrumental journey through contemplative darkness emerges into “Light” — with Onlymeith’s masterful remix of Airtone. Syncopated piano melodies evoke unspoken emotion, and rhythmic percussion and marimba move the listener through sectional underground tunnels to magnificent daylight. This track belongs in film!
Play Light

The power of love

Power pop-rock love song with an expressive build and a huge chorus. Stefan Kartenberg’s remix of Panu is a must listen for everyone who’s “betting on the power of love.”💗
Kara Square


by: IS
Shimmering electropop with an edge. Utilizing a unique blend of synth styles, ingemannStrunch creates a dazzling atmosphere for selections of Stefan Kartenberg’s “Sometimes” in this electrifying remix!