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Seeking Support from Music Users

ccMixter's music is used by thousands of people --  all over the internet, all over the world. At YouTube, nearly 100,000 videos Attribute At Vimeo and Soundcloud, ccMixter stems and remixes are part of thousands of creative works. Many of these creations that include our content are even monetized (many outside the spirit of CC license).

It is from these users we now seek support. If we reachout as a community, together we can share the importance of supporting ccMixter with these folks. By giving to our fundraiser, they enable us to continue to give the world open music.

Two ways can you participate:

1. 'Trackback notice' comments.

When you receive a ccMixter Trackback Notice email, follow the included link to the video, remix, podcast, or other creation that uses your music. Then, write a simple comment thanking them for using your music and encourage them to make a contribution to ccMixter's fundraiser. Here's some suggested comment wording (make sure you include the link to!)

Thank you for using my music in your video.  It would be very appreciated if you would make even a small donation to ccMixter's fundraiser at IndieGoGo so we can continue to make music you can freely use. Here's the link:

ccMixter Samples Used In

2. 'Samples Are Used In' comments.

Each individual track page at ccMixter includes links to where the track is used in the lower, bottom-right box titled "Samples Are Used In" -- with links to uses outside ccMixter listed below uses on ccMixter. Click the trackback link to go the video, remix, webpage, etc. and post a comment similar to the one suggested above. Again, remember the link.

Some ccM folks have been testing this out -- and we're finding 2 out of 10 comments result in a donation to ccMixer. That's a conversion of 20% -- pretty darn amazing. So, let's give it a go eh?

Thank you for all you're doing to help ccMixter stay open and free! Music Connects Us. Read more in the forum post here.