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Secret Mixup FAQ

What is a “Secret Mixup”?

A Secret Mixup (a.k.a. Secret Mixter, a.k.a Secret Santa) is an event on the site where several remixers sign-up to remix each other - in secret.

How does it work?

Step 1: A Secret Mixup is announced on the site with a special web page is setup for the event.

Step 2: Remixers log in to the site and go to that web page to sign up for the mixup.

Step 3: After the sign-up period is closed, all the remixers are notified by email who they are supposed to remix. (They must keep the identity of the assignment a secret.)

Step 4: After the “remixing” period is over, on a special magic day, all the remixers upload their remix
using a special submit form.

I would love to sign up, but I haven’t uploaded anything to ccMixter (yet). Is that OK?

Sorry, no, it’s not OK. You must have material for other people to remix you. Specifically: you must have uploaded at least 2 samples OR 1 a cappella.

I signed up, but I’m not sure if I can finish the remix in time. Is that OK?

Kind of not. By signing up to the mixup, you are basically committing to do a remix in a given time period (typically about 2 weeks).

I signed up anyway and now I know I won’t finish the remix in time. What do I do?

If the mixup is still in the ‘Sign up’ phase, then you can remove yourself from the mixup on the home page of the mixup.

If the sign-up phase is closed, well, things happen. We have plenty of remixers who will step up and fill your slot in case there’s absolutely no way you can do your assignment.

How much of the person’s samples am I supposed to use?

Well, as much as you can. Enough so that everybody knows who you remixed. Most remixers use the guideline that at least 50% of the samples in their remix should be the other person’s sounds.

Can I use other samples in the remix?

Sure, use anybody’s samples from anywhere in the Sample Pool, do whatever you like.

Am I allowed to have fun?

If you must.