Branching Out Secret Mixter Sign Ups

Secret Mixup FAQ

What is a “Secret Mixup”?

A Secret Mixter (a.k.a Secret Santa) is an event on the site where remixers sign-up to remix each other - in secret.

How does it work?

Step 1: A Secret Mixter is announced and remixers sign-up, and receive a confirmation code in email to complete the process.

Step 2: Wait during the two-week signup period.

Step 3: After the sign-up period is closed, all the remixers are notified by email who they are supposed to remix. (Keep the identity of the assignment a secret.) Remixers have two weeks to create a new track, utilizing source material of the artist assigned.

Step 4: After the two week remixing period is over, on a special magic day, all the remixers upload their remix
using a special submit form. Remixers receive an email when it is time to upload.

I would love to sign up, but I haven’t uploaded anything to ccMixter (yet). Is that OK?

Sorry, no, it’s not OK. You must have material for other people to remix you. Specifically: you must have uploaded at least 2 samples OR 1 a cappella.

I signed up, but I’m not sure if I can finish the remix in time. Is that OK?

No. By signing up to the mixup, you are committing to do a remix and upload it on upload day (2 weeks from the day the assignments go out). In our community, we have a “No Mixter Left Behind” policy.

I signed up anyway and now I know I won’t finish the remix in time. What do I do?

If the mixup is still in the ‘Sign up’ phase, then you can remove yourself from the mixup on the home page of the mixup.

If the sign-up phase is closed, well, things happen. Let us know as soon as possible that you will be unable to deliver a remix to your assignment and we’ll try to find someone else to cover you. Please note, if you stand someone up in a Secret Mixter, unless there are truly extenuating circumstances, you won’t be able to participate in future Secret Mixters.

How much of the person’s samples am I supposed to use?

Well, as much as you can. Enough so that everybody knows who you remixed. Most remixers use the guideline that at least 50% of the samples in their remix should be the other person’s sounds.

Can I use other samples in the remix?

Sure, use anybody’s samples from anywhere in the Sample Pool, do whatever you like.

Am I allowed to have fun?

If you must.