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Ocean Dreams Remix Event

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The sea is like music, it has all the dreams of the soul within itself and sounds them over.Carl Jung, Memories and Dreams

The sea is the favorite symbol for the unconscious, the mother of all that lives.Carl Jung, Special Phenomenology; Part IV; Psyche & Symbol

The world’s oceans are vast, expansive, deep, alluring, full of life and life’s potential, a complex environment of danger, mystery, and inspiration. Oceans separate and connect us. These bodies of water hold the beginnings of all life in its molecules. Oceans evoke contemplation, wonder. They symbolise the unconscious.

But the sea
which no one tends
is also a garden

-William Carlos Williams, Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems

Today’s oceans and its majestic creatures like whales are in danger as the health of ocean ecosystems is threatened by development, shoreline energy operations, overfishing, warming waters, and plastic.

For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.
-Jacques-Yves Cousteau

As a continuation of and in support of World Ocean’s Day — and those who are dedicated to ocean conservation — we invite you to express your dreams of, and for, the ocean and its inhabitants.

With inspiration from a newly released whale song “ Full Moon Acappella” from ocean conservationist Oscar Frey, a meditative spoken word from SackJo22, Dreaming Oceans, and brought to life with your music, the remixes for this event will be featured as a sonic installation and soundscape for the dream-art show that is a beloved feature of the annual dream conference sponsored by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).

On June 14 the Strawberry Moon will rise, her reflection illuminating the seas. What dreams does she bring? As Oscar tells us, the whales often gather to sing as the pull of the moon causes the tides to rise. Moon. Ocean. Whales. Dreams. How inspiring!

In addition to featuring this music live at the IASD dream art show July 17 through July 20 (the night of the artist reception), a curation of whale song from this and our prior whale song event will be released as an album.

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What an inspiring event! Thank you Susan and Oscar for giving us this opportunity to create music and sonic art around such powerful subjects.
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