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Add a "Recommend" option in Sources search/selector

permalink   Tue, Jul 20, 2021 @ 10:29 PM
Feedback is everything here. But have you ever been remixed but the selected tracks not Recommended? Or maybe…have you ever not?

I suggest all Submit forms should include the option to automatically Recommend the tracks selected in the Source box.

This could be a single check box (just for convenience): “Recommend all Sources?”. This would require logic to skip ones you actually have Recommended already.

This recently came to mind as I watched belated “Recommends” posted by the diligent following a mixup, and went back and Recommended mine. Then realized I had a backlog from past Mixter events, but had often been remixed but not recommended:

“I’m starting to see that the Secret Mixter format lends itself to sins of omission. Gonna suggest to the feature team that it would be useful to add an option to the Sources dialog to not only select the work but to Recommend it because…who wants to tip you off they’re remixing you in advance?

In fact, that doesn’t apply just to Secret Mixters. Happens to me all the time that I’ve remixed something I’ve just found, haven’t yet Recommended, and…don’t want to blow the surprise.”

I know there’s more than enough to do around here, but I thought this might give a boost to the community. Please add it to the heap.

Then consider doing the same for Playlists?