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Using ccMixter Music in a Broadcast

permalink   Tue, Dec 15, 2015 @ 5:37 AM

What follow is NOT to be construed or used as legal advice. We are not lawyers and, especially when it comes to jurisdictions outside of the USA, we are not in a position to dispense legal, binding advice on exactly what constitutes copyright violation.

Instead we hope to give you some suggestions for how to deal with attribution when you use ccMixter in an audio broadcast medium like a podcast or radio show.

By far the best thing to do is to list each track and artist on your radio/podcast’s website using the techniques as described in this video

If that’s impractical you should consider giving credit with the track title and artist directly in your show. That means each track, each artist.

Plug: In many cases the track is available under a ccPlus license from TuneTrack. That means for a small fee (royalty free) you do not have to give attribution at all. Here’s a list of awesome tracks that are all under ccPlus.

Hope this information helps.

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