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OLPC / Berklee Sample Pool - 8.5 GB (!)

permalink   Fri, Mar 28, 2008 @ 10:17 PM
The Creative Commons Sample Pool just grew by 8.5 GB thanks to the folks at One Laptop Per Child and Berklee School of Music.

More information here…
permalink   Sat, Mar 29, 2008 @ 1:10 PM
Update: as of this writing the download situation is a bit of a mess because downloaders have overrun the OLPC servers.

Here’s where we stand:

- There’s a bunch of samples at (follow the link in the post above) and they are all in the search-able sample pool. In other words you can download those right now, use them in a remix and attribute them properly here at ccM.

- There’s a torrent available* that overlaps with the samples at but also has a lot more sample packs. I’m downloading now (should be done a day or 3 lol). When I have all those I will add those to search-able sample pool. If you upload a remix using these samples, please make note of sample packs that aren’t search-able and we’ll do some catch up on that later.

- There even more samples that are referenced on the OLPC wiki page but all those links are dead. When they come online I’ll add those too.


*What’s a ‘torrent’? It’s a file sharing technique (more info at wikipedia)
permalink   Sun, Mar 30, 2008 @ 4:09 PM
Update 2:

OK, all the sample packs in the torrent have been logged in the sample pool and are now search-able when you upload your remix. Here are the packs added today:

Adam Keshen
Akito Van Troyer
Andres Cabrera
Andrew Sorkin
Anthony Kozar
Berklee Boulanger FX
Boulanger Csound Book Selected
Boulanger System Sounds
Boulanger Aruba
Boulanger Colette
Boulanger Marion
Boulanger Philip
Boulanger Tam Tam Replacements
Colman O Reilly
Dave Phillips
David Cronkite
Elaine Walker
Eshan Khadaroo
Flavio Gaete
Gabriel Pulido
Jacob Joaquin
Jay Leboeuf
Jeremy Zuckerman
Jonathan Hakakian
Joo Won Park
Keith Mc Millen
Lou Cohen
Michael Bechard
Michael Bierylo
Mihir Sarkar
Nils Van Ottorloo
Nimalan Yoganatha
Open Path Music V1
Peiman Khosravi
Prent Rodgers
Risto Holopainen
Sandro Rebel
Stephen Mac Lean
Tam Tam Drum Kits
Tim Mortimer
olpc Startup Boulanger