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MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Sat, Sep 1, 2007 @ 9:24 PM
so i just had this idea, which may or may not have some merit, but i figured i’d post it here, and at least victor can tell me if it’s even feasible.

would it be possible to have remixes that have been rated by anyone have some sort of generated list that shows how each rater rated the remix?

here’s an example….lets say 3 people rated one of my remixes. i don’t really know who in the current set-up. but it might be cool to show somewhere on each remix upload page how each person rated it. so it might say i had a rating of 4 with 3 rates, and the 3 raters happen to be teru, gurdonark, and cdk. i think it might be cool to show that teru gave me a 3, gurdo gave me a 5, and cdk gave me a 4. i assume the db is tracking this info anyways as it locks you out once you rated. anyways, it’s just an idea.

i think it would be cool to know how different people view my mixes. and it might help me evaluate others to listen to knowing i like teru’s style so if he rated something high, there’s a good chance i’d like it.

personally, i think ratings are “overrated”, but i understand the need for them, and i appreciate it when i get high marks. and i’ve got nothing to hide from showing how i rated something. i think if you rate someone, you should at least be ready to take credit and responsibility for it.

anyways, it’s just an idea….i mean, i’d be proud to bark that teru gave me a 5. :)
permalink   Wed, Sep 12, 2007 @ 3:48 AM
say goodbye to the star system. hopefully this closes this thread (for a few minutes anyway).

If you have comments on the new DAAAAAM system I suggest we open a new thread.
permalink   Mon, Sep 3, 2007 @ 7:30 AM
how about “A+++; would listen to this remixer again” ?

:-) just joking of course!
Luke Tripp
permalink   Sat, Sep 1, 2007 @ 9:40 PM
If you set your email settings so that you receive one when you are reviewed and rated you can do this. You’ll receive two, first one saying teru has reviewed your song, second one saying your song has received a 5 star rating. And since you can only rate a song after you have reviewed it, this means teru gave you a 5.

The only loop to this is if somebody reviews your song, waits for someone else to review who didn’t leave a rating, and then the first person rates your song you won’t be sure who gave you the rating.
permalink   Sun, Sep 2, 2007 @ 2:27 AM
The current “plan” is to replace the 1-5 stars with just a ‘thumbs up’ rating, basically 5-or-nothing.

with that there’s really no reason to make it anonymous so you could get your wish.
permalink   MC Jack in the Box Mon, Sep 3, 2007 @ 1:21 PM
actually, i’m kind of liking this thumbs up idea for a couple reasons.

1. if you have a bunch of big thumbs in your review area, it will get noticed quickly and easily, which is kind of the purpose of ratings anyways.

2. one could just leave a thumbs up and no comments if they wanted to, which helps get around the need to leave comments in order to rate.

3. it’s a cool graphic. :)
permalink   s.c.mixer Sun, Sep 9, 2007 @ 9:35 AM
The current rating system is being clearly misused, so I definitely agree with the “thumbs up” idea. Maybe a “thumbs down” would help also.

About the “review-before-rating” system, I’m not sure if it is working. Some people are just lazy and won’t leave a review but maybe they like the remix, so it should be a quick way to state that you like what you are listening to (the “thumbs up” thing); maybe just a plain button —like this new one I’m seeing above! ;)— next to the remix title.
[Please note that I’m not talking about “anonymous” ratings; you should be logged in to have the “thumbs up” button available].

Hope the “thumbs up” idea brings a better rating system, because sometimes it’s disappointing for us as remixers to have few or no ratings/reviews at all.
(As a “mea culpa”, maybe I didn’t review as much as I should… but I always tried to leave more reviews than I had).