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Show Us Your Gear

Sharing your Music Gear in Video or Picture gives ccMixter $10 this week!


Share a picture or video of your music gear — and an anonymous donor will now give $10 to ccMixter's first-ever fundraiser.
How can you participate?

1. Upload a picture, screenshot or video of your gear to your social platform of choice (instruments, mixing gear, headphones, speakers, VSTs).
2. Tag it both #ccMixter AND #ShowUsYourGear
3. Invite two other people whose gear you'd like to see (one person on ccM, one outside to spread the word).
4. Include the URL for our fundraiser: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ccmixter-open-music-for-the-world/

ccMixter's Sharing Platforms:

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- YouTube
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- Your Own Website or Blog paste a link in our forum)

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