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...t our salvation but ultimately our downfall. many years ago we spoke of shorter working weeks , better health care and schools and
...acts if i had to choose one artist from the roll call of the greats i have had the privilege of listening too and growing up wi
...t to each other and ultimately strangers. the music was sitting in the corner, waiting to be asked to dance. thanks to emily's w
... he was unprotected ultimately misdirected at the dragon fair he revealed he cared and she knew she'd won the race was done his
...e on the road that ultimately led me here to the life that i have known one day long after i have gone the scientists may know
constance the original track, by mwic is so sweet to my ears, i had to choose this one for the pollinators secret mixter... i simply add...
emergence (kirkoid remix) many thanks to kirkoid for lots of interesting tracks to choose from. i find taking part in mystery artist rem...
...refuse he had been choosen from all the abused the days went quickly and the time soon approached when he would call all the an
i choose this bliss ,media,bpm_115_120,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,vbr,'s silence the choosen will produce the finest words the lovers will concoct another story and the daylight it will truly hav
...had some talent but ultimately had to concede that he would never make a living from it. years passed, one failed marriage and nume
...x. texan radio fish choosed it as an ed pick. even tho it sounded like a stroke of genius made with an 16 bit computer from the 90ie