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...load. and boy did i choose a good one to try today. impressive indeed, scores really high on the 'you did this from that?' scale. [u
... change the way you choose samples in this holy grail of music. this music has to sound like it's from the nineties and it does. sti
...e sky. [i]we can choose to rise[/i] you are inspiring me to choose to raise my arms to the unknown today. bravo kara![up]
review of 'the last whelming' by 'radioontheshelf' great journey you took us on this time. twists and turns that ultimately led us back ...
review of 'resonance' by 'loveshadow' you are lucky to get airtone as there are so many colours to choose from over there. nicely blende...
...rilliant, where you choose to add the vocoder, where it is placed in the stereo field, and where you add your angelic voice that giv
...tems/samples you do choose to share. i really value your talent (and taste) and consider it a privilege to be able to interact.
review of 'memories of the community bookshop' by 'radioontheshelf' super nice! great title you choose[up][/up]
...and our outlook. i choose hope, too! [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'alcohol free day' by 'soundtrails' [green]i have them days would rather choose otherwise[/green]
...nematic backing you choose instead works much better, i think! it's like a cosmic chorus in some other star system
review of 'sadness' by 'mykleanthony' nice take on this lyric. good job. it's great that you had the source material to choose from to ke...