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menthol (take the chance) you gave up chomping on those things dragging on the end of that tobacco road like it was the only lifeline ...
...erfume, a daiquiri, tobacco smoke and wind in the hair. girls from havana j'voudrais te parler …... non, non,
...ears he worked in a tobacco factory trying to earn enough money to return to his home in the congo. he soon realised this was futil
...ns at the gate big tobacco acres we ought to burn them down i'm so irate why does our government always hide the truth hacking a
...lightest assault of tobacco i'd gag and gasp like i'd swallowed a wasp. the faithful puffer tucked in the intimate space of my
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...tro dermis ignoring tobacconists whelp. ignores methylated miscast juncture slouch totalitarianism winders horseless synchrotron. di
simplyeliquidco simply eliquid are ecigs safer than tobacco? why is the new generation hooked on to ecigs instead of tobacco? there is st...
...ect is working with tobacco in edison, nj. have a strong interest in selling jigsaw puzzles worldwide. set new standards for short s
...009 i was promoting tobacco in the government sector. earned praise for deploying acne worldwide. lead a team exporting salsa on wal
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tobacco_cough.wav freqman
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review of 'twiddler laying bricks in the wall (pink floyd redux)' by 'apoxode' [big][b]is that tobacco ... or is it pink floyd?[/b][/big]...
review of 'human race' by 'facelessiwonder' smokey juke joint smells of booze and various tobaccos glasses cling as questions the bartend...
...t blend that is all tobacco, no filter, but never causes cancer or surgeon's general warnings. smooth, effortless, a potent blend.
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