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.... mind-blowing and technological how else could it be? how come all this stupidity? trump trump towers, trump lovers i am
age of ai thinking about adaptation led me directly to thoughts about the technological singularity / robots... and so, this song happene...
...dustrialisation and technological domminance ( and exploitation/destruction) of the world. the curve poem leads me away from the col
the innovations of 1971 in every life there are years that stand out. mine is 1971 great backing track from the admiral. ,media,rem...
...: yet the image of this song is simpler than all of that: 1. imagi
yuri g (take me to the stars) a technological mystery, men in the sea of sky, bring me back some stardust yuri g, bring me to the sphe...
... be done, since i'm technologically limited now. this could be the last cc submission for a few months now whilst i sort my up in
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...said, there is also technological help, which helps in comparing odds among bookmakers, making life easier and allowing them to choo
suiteinnovations suiteinnovations
... deem the amount of innovations before courses of action so as to comprise been there widened within the last few forty five 12 mont
iglooinnovations igloo innovations
bradaschreiber bradaschreiber filmmaker and technological guru
kareemelsirafy kareem elsirafy kareem elsirafy is a successful entrepreneur who for many years has provided technological solutions to va...
interculturalinnovations interculturalinnovations
...duct of the change. technological progress and growth of business have added to the complexity of your it infrastructure with the ne
...olitical, cultural, technological, and aesthetic. through film, video, new media, installation, performance, panels, and presentatio
... the live set is technologically advanced, including ‘ableton live 7’ sequencing software to control a backing track with tri
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classroom innovation stephanie hirsch
classroom innovation stephanie hirsch
y intercultural innovations! for those of you who are going places! intercultural innovations
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review of 'harpsichord dreams' by 'apoxode' magically inventive downtempo, with a variety of standout innovations! i am fully digging the...
review of 'the innovations of 1971' by 'snowflake' hahah 1971 was good for me -- took my first breaths as a human. bob is the man on guit...
review of 'the innovations of 1971' by 'unreal_dm' seems like it was only yesterday but that's old age creeping up. great song rt and an... of a process of technological and institutional innovation by generating and testing a diversity of ideas which discover and acc
review of 'downhill on the echo track' by 'destinazione_altrove' thanks for letting me remixed into a song so technological, and which gi... all together - a technological tommy!
...nnocence in which a technological advance will create a "living stereo" to solve our problems. nothing short of a miracle. you've
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