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review of 'there's no reality (milky blue pill)' by 'musikpirat' wow, this is great. it's really amazing what skilled artists can create ...
review of 'late summer night's theme' by 'speck' a highly skilled blend of varied source material. makes for a compelling, enjoyable list...
...t in the hands of a skilled producer it becomes a better version of itself, and with luck it becomes art.' with much appreciati
review of 'b minor jazz' by 'speck' really great stuff, so very skilled. [up][/up]
...h skills not enough skilled workers, and shame history was so distorted by unskilled thinkers/writers. were all basically used hopef
...liminal. you are so skilled! i hope these words are more cathartic than depressing to people... there's always light behind the clou
review of 'love' by 'kara square' beautiful, emotional backing track... you are so skilled, stefan. thank you for remixing this. 💗
review of 'rescue me (instrumental)' by 'speck' highly skilled and truly collaborative. much enjoyed.
review of 'chances' by 'speck' top notch group of uploads. very skilled.
review of 'winter fusion (instrumental)' by 'speck' fantastic fusion. you are one skilled dude.
review of 'gypsy jazz - soppong river' by 'speck' very nice. skilled playing and bright sound. thanks for sharing.
review of 'badabing badaboom estilo latino' by 'sackjo22' you guys are so much fun!!! not to mention skilled...and you made me realize ho...