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review of 'i need something' by 'ciggiburns' this filled me with pleasure, it's so violent and satisfying - particularly the combination ...
...ze. one only has to satisfy the other instead of da village...oh yes the simple life. this has a jazz crusaders sound like...excelle
review of 'get up' by 'ciggiburns' this one kind of burst over me in the best possible way and is as satisfying as masticating really cru...
... at the end is very satisfying.
review of 'high energy biscuits' by 'speck' lots of substance, very satisfying.
review of 'the fusion of differences' by 'sackjo22' languid, lovely, and sonically satisfying.
... sweet, and utterly satisfying delicacy.
...rance, .. therefore satisfy's my soul ... nothing but props!.. peace- nameless
...better together. so satisfying and chewy it made me grind my teeth while i was listening. best compliment you'll get today, speck! x
review of 'dim shafts of light' by 'speck' some fine and familiar samples woven into a suspenseful and satisfying soundscape with meaning...
review of 'melancholy mourning' by 'dokashiteru' really well done mix here - you've got a very full and satisfying sound, keep it up!
review of 'don't you?' by 'speck' nice touch. real clean, perfect use of the vocals. something very satisfying about the unforced feel of...