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...ept for cuts and re-arrangement. hope you enjoy this as much as i had fun piecing this together. backing track (without guitars)
...remix! i cut up his arrangement a bit and treated it here and there. please listen in headphones, as on a laptop the mood-making
...t it would suit the arrangement i have in mind. the next challenge was to find a female lead singer. it was my fortune to have m
open the piano took the lead in this remix, so i adjusted the vocals to match the arrangement. vocals: snowflake. piano: the 3am asso...
last crooked mile remix remix by kevin wielock modified vocals to fit arrangement guitar solo by dave boudah original lyrics and voca...
...t-forward punk rock arrangement. then i pitch-shifted anny2k's pells (you'll hear the inevitable audio artefacts in the mix, sorry).
free little girls (feat. londonbridgez) lyrics and vocals by londonbridgez rearrangement and other liberties taken by kiminoa to creat...
...his track had a 6/8 arrangement and i've had to butcher it to make it fit 4/4 dance music timing, yet it still comes over reasonably
...h varied melody and arrangement, turning this track into a duet. i also played bass, a low synth track and added a little sound cand
...s the original, the arrangement it's me. the text is an old version. perhaps you can make anything ... remix, modify or sing alo
...'ve not changed the arrangement. drums and bassline can be found at ,dig_t
...url] the musical arrangement tries to capture the beautiful landscape inspired moira to this song but also tries to reflect the f