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.... let us never stop learning, never stop creating, never stop growing...]
review of 'for paddy' by 'darkroom' i remember learning about paddy in a world music class i took at cal state channel islands.[up][/up][...
review of 'love will be' by 'mykleanthony' there's always a learning moment when i listen to your work. sometimes very subtle then others...
review of 'where do we go (simplicity mix)' by 'snowflake' i really enjoyed reading the details of your process, learning more about your...
...sm. finally... i am learning. a powerful, important, creative, and emotionally compelling piece of art. thank you.
... i'm having a blast learning. your remix of reusenoise... it's stellar. funky. cool. catchy. yay!
...o how you did this, learning a lot.
...(i've been enjoying learning it myself). can i nudge ya' to post your lyrics?
.... best of genetics learning and luck!
...trabajo! (currently learning spanish for my future plans ;)
review of 'lay down your sword' by 'soundtails' [green]inspiring plus we don't wish upset the mother either...keep learning....questionin...
... (it's been a blast learning it!) thanks for remixing me!