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midgets and majesty when i first heard admiralbob's gtr solo, with piano backing; i had an instant idea. the implementation of said idea ...
warp 10 key: f (harmonics result in implementations of a major) time: n/a n/a sample, not looped. stereophonic. arrhythmic. req...
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review of 'we are the dead (vr graveyard mix)' by 'whitewolf' really freaking cool, from concept to implementation. right on!
...cellent concept and implementation. remix! very nice implementation of vocoder and these famous electronic beats! a real love boat!
... the background vox implementation a lot
review of 'badabing badaboom' by 'hans atom' superb production, excellent track! i love the implementation of the guitar!
review of 'keep it straight' by 'hans atom' great remix, jeris. mr. walkers kokoriko and your stereo implementation of it and..and..and ....
review of 'alien (send a postcard home)' by 'karstenholymoly' brilliant guitar playing. great song idea implementation. the lyrics are gr...
review of 'rainbow bridge 113 bpm' by 'wired ant' great use of all the samples and a very moving implementation of this poem!!! great wo...
... the references and implementation of theory are often beyond my limited knowledge but as someone once said (i can't remember who sa
review of 'see the wilderness' by 'wired_ant' wonderful western guitar, great implementation of ciggiâ´s vocals and the typical tight gro...
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