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review of 'world below' by 'speck' a sensitive reading of an ideal text, well blent. [up][/up]
review of 'manhowler' by 'snowflake' powerful underground journey ideal for film or video games. you guys are so pro!
review of 'english country trance blues' by 'mikethebee' i'm getting flavours of fripp & eno with a cooler hint of mellow. ideal to watch...
review of 'spinning free' by 'scomber' glad i got on this train. nice work. like any city train ideal for people watching (and listening...
...and arranging. your ideals for the drums was spot on, as well with the strings. thank you for sharing your ideals with me. i enjoyed
...usually just let my idealistic side show through music... thank you for sharing.
... conjure a sense of idealism fighting the odds and almost dissolving into nightmarish impotence. again you seem to have rebuilt a so
review of 'idealistic kid (saw disco mix) w/stems' by 'kara square' this is awesome, saw! great beats, love the horns, classic sound! t...
review of 'bankland' by 'diaphane' yeaaaaah !!! ideal for a funky sunday night, when banks are closed :)
...to share my musical ideals with people from all over the world.
review of 'ghosts of lees' by 'reiswerk' for my feeling the ideal sound to this acapella! [up][/up]
review of 'for robin' by 'speck' wow, that's a real beauty. very fine expression, skilled playing and stefan's vocal is ideal in it. (sax...