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...t is painful to see visitors be so ethnocentric. here on kauai the entitlement you speak of is prominent, amongst tourists and settl
...nd grooves is fully entertaining on their own, and the tts reading is fantastically directed. just amazing stuff, coruscate :) [up][
review of 'if you're not there with me' by 'apoxode' very sweet vibrations, uplifting and entertaining all the same. excellent choice for...
...osis...voila! very entertaining--with a faint dash of humor.[up][/up]
review of 'sashliq-2022111-2_nost' by 'zenboy1955' a creative and entertaining tour of the r.e.m sleep stage at 90hz and below. don't kid...
...d made it fresh and entertaining. it's funny to hear you singing to the melody at the end. i can remember sitting down at the yamaha
review of 'sunshine in the skye' by 'texasradiofish' creatively entertaining gotta a good laugh out the first ccm line.
review of 'be that star' by 'speck' a masterful mix. and very entertaining. [up][/up]
review of 'dodo dodododooo' by 'texasradiofish' fun and entertaining [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'strong black coffee' by 'stefan kartenberg' wow. that must have been a lot of work. very entertaining and versatile. great fun...
review of 'sonny panu and ciggi cher' by 'gregglectic' funny and entertaining arrangement.
...orror shows so very entertaining? heck, and why do i love halloween? the "real world" is certainly plenty terrifying enough for huma
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