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review of 'have you felt' by 'robert warrington' a really effective speck/kara collision.[up][/up]
review of 'have you felt' by 'kara square' i dig. i appreciate your creative and effective use of dynamics/pauses/breaks. all of the samp...
.../big][/green] very effective for focus, the science behind this is mind blowing. i love this kind of music, kara, definitely link
...n volume... it very effectively focuses the ears to sackjo22's voice. and i like how you used your underwater environment" sample he
...roughout... such an effective combo!
review of 'abiotic' by 'sackjo22' truly effective placement of sound. i felt the music move in my body is different ways as different so...
review of 'justice come quickly' by 'speck' well played, and well matched. very effective. [up][/up]
review of 'don't keep us waiting' by 'kara square' chilling and very effective.
review of 'imagining imaginal' by 'gurdonark' powerful and effective. i particularly like the singing bowls.
review of 'radio sackjo' by 'speck' very effective audio manipulations. enjoyed. [up][/up]
...e learned it's more effective to forge sustainable community with shared food and resources. taos is magical and you've captured
...worked voices bring effectively to the ensemble.[up][/up][up][/up]