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...r cc attribution sharealike. the text is derived from the old "taily-po" folk story, as presented in uncle remus, which i believe is
...tely, mostly due to real life getting in the way. still, much love and respect to all of you guys and just because i haven't submitt
...rtists whose work i really like and some of the best remixes i did so far. some artists in the mix are really mixter prooved. let m
new remix page details. i was wondering, and there is possibly a reason, but do we really need to see so much of the mix details of a mix...
headphones then commerical speakers i really need someone who is more skilled than i am to give me a heads up on when i’m making music ...
duckett thinks he can flow now? ...well, not really, but i had a little written verse laying around for a while, and since i'll never get...
...d "editors picks" a really useful feature, but i would like to see the newest added remixes on the main ccpage (i know i can find th
... i'm flush. i mean really flush. or feelin my oats cause some jabbernow has called me the greatest genuis since einstein or someth
...theme music. it was really helpful to have such a varied library of music under licence(s) which we could use legally. so, thank you
a real 'remix radio' i was thinking about the remix radio and how it’s one of the most popular sections of the site… and a thought cr... remixes. i don't really know who in the current set-up. but it might be cool to show somewhere on each remix upload page how each it. i must say i realy like it. i would like to help out anyway i can. if you want me to beta test or set up a test site i would