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...imilar sources come online it will become more and more of a concern. besides if these are useable sources, using them (with appropr
online automatic loop maker hi everyone, i recently launched the [url=http://leanbackproductions.com/streams/slack/]"stream of slack"[...
...tic expression. the online survey will be sent to emerging and established electronic music artists, members of music collectives, c
creative commons copyright criminals contest online! hello all, the new contest is online! please check it out! any and all feedback is a...
...er one[/url][/b] is online and ready for purchase. (i got mine...) it sounds amazing -- i'm totally psyched.
...xes as an [url=http]online album[/url] featuring ccmixter found remixes by [url=http]du[/url] and yours truly. mine has a slightl
...f i just put a song online and say i want it under such-and-such combination of licenses, who's really keeping track? i'm really in
clinixter? hey yall - i was thinking about this earlier today - has the idea ever come up to add an online clinic section - maybe contest...
...bably have the best online music community anywhere. let's kick it up another notch. but we would have to share the work load. i'