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sparrow in an airport spoken word by robwalkerpoet in a remix of sidfaiwu's music. big thanks to both. ,media,remix,bpm_080_085,non_commercial,audio,m...
sparrow in an airport sparrow in an airport i have a soft spot for this one – it was the title-poem of my first collection back in 2005. i haven...
terminal there's no real significance to the title of this track, other than carrying on my fascination with airports. all tones from ...
kaneda loops planes strange loops using sounds from planes and airports media,sample,bass,drums,electronic,loops,male_vocals,piano,synthe...
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japaneseairportshuttle.mp3 morgantj
busridetoairportscream.mp3 morgantj
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... very very often in airports and airplanes :)
... created "music for airports." an exceptionally minimalist piece with a few tones repeating semi randomly. fast forward to 2008 whe
review of 'nightflight' by 'kaer trouz' so an airport mix, nice. when i am in airports i am constantly checking for stuff, losing tickets...
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