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post imaginal made from samples uploaded with the imaginal cell remixes. thanks to: 7oop3d - bass, beats, organ and synth bernard l'ermite - bass...
runaway (bernard l'ermite remix) i extracted the chords, the song structure, the haunting vocals and the synths from rewob's original. slowed it down ...
off-grid dreams so happy to meet you, bernard l'ermite! thank you for these wonderful, chill beets. when people move to taos, often they want to bu...
you give me psychedelic dreams thanks to: bernard l'ermite - bass, beats, cello and guitar zenboy1955 - beats, organ and synth a few extra percus...
tiptoeing through the stardust michael flatley had amazing feet but his first claim to fame was as a gifted flute player. he performed as a dancer wi...
rockin joe ft. dave merrick 1000 miles away from a country-song. my ukulele has 3 strings left too, but i play like 5... ;)) updtae: the uke is no...
"silence" bernard james remix my first contribution to this site and my first work under the creative commons, any feedback is welcome. media,remix,do...
may (spoken word) "if you can't get rid of the skeletons in your closet, you'd best teach them to dance"-- george bernard shaw calendar girl's "ma...
st. bernard mountain rescue 3 of my absolute favorites on this site are on this one: anchor mejans (song structure); old dog (piano); and gurdonark (l...
guilty by association (existential noir mix) [red]i really like the statement here[/red], and kcentric's spooky-cool (combination of film noir/dj spoo...
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review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by '7oop3d' truely a gem! chapeau. and thank you for the stems!
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'siobhan dakay' cool idea - the slow down works very well. i like how you treated the vocals. and you...
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'texasradiofish' nicely done hugely spatial groove, b
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'sackjo22' dreamy evocative moody mix -- much enjoyed
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'snowflake' your editing skills are impressive. this track is crafted with wonderful detail from begin...
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'rewob' well done bernard, a really nice down tempo mix.[up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'kara square' captivating beginning to end. great mix!
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'malredeszik' magique
review of 'off-grid dreams' by 'kara square' yesssss... your mix adds a sparkle to bernard l'ermite's cool beats. it's one of those mixes that brings ...
review of 'runaway (bernard l'ermite remix)' by 'gurdonark' smooth, rich mix. i also like that you uploaded the useful samples on this one!
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