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Editors' Picks

Are you scared yet?

Sascha Ende created a ballad with much heart and soul and the terrific voice of Admiral Bob.
I’m sure you’re not scared about this wonderful mix.
Stefan Kartenberg

Escape from Mars 180

Quality work.

It's Not Silly!

by: Speck
Producers and pro engineers toss around words like mojo,glue and warmth all the time but somehow too many tracks sound two dimensional and flat. Speck has combined his love of sound and production skills into a track that’s so gooey and good you could use it as a reference track for cutting edge 3D sound. Even if you don’t do mouth sounds or play tuba, there’s a lot to unpack and like here.


Wall of Sound

Apoxode channels Sir Mix A Lot in this groove filled track. Everything fits seamlessly Like it was written from scratch.
This remix is what CCmixter is all about.

I Miss You 2 AM Club Mix

by: J.Lang
2 am in the club.
The air is hot and you look for the person you have seen last time here. You both danced to the beat…and now where is that person. Will she/he appear again?
And all the sudden at 2 a. m the sun starts shining…and the music ends.

Take a listen to this track that comes soft as a silky scarf and take it as your best friend.
Siobhan Dakay

You Make Me Smile

If you want funk, texasradiofish has got it! This track does make me smile since it’s got elements to groove too.
Mana Junkie

Its Time

Pulsating romantic pop/rock. Stefan Kartenberg masterfully interprets the passion of Veta Sky and Soy Ferro’s vocal performances. Fall in love again with this nuanced and sensational production.

hot lite core

by: panu
Listen to and relax with these smooth soothing audio waves. Panu successfully collaborated with Geert Veneklaas, Dave Merrick and airtone to create therapeutic music to improve and maintain well-being.


Turn it up and sing along — with a raised fist and hopeful heart. This pop/rock anthem is destined for radio play. With perfected production by Zep Hurme around Scomber’s strong voice and compelling lyrics, 2019 rings truth in a time of lies.
Play 2019

Believe In Your Horizons

Dan Mantau masterfully weaves Lesley Hillebrand-Neesham and Snowflake’s voices into this folk-rock mix with all of the free flowing and positive peace, love and happiness vibes of the flower generation.

Two Zero One and Nine

Scomber teams up with Hans Atom for this political pop rock anthem that reflects on recent years and promotes hope for 2019. Push play and bring in the new year with this radio ready hit!
Kara Square


You are looking for good funky soul music?
“FLIP” by Phildann is the answer.
Listen and enjoy!
Stefan Kartenberg

Mona Lisa Smiles Sing Along

Susan’s remix of Mona Lisa Smiles is a wonderful and stellar presentation of backing vocal arrangement techniques used by popular music arrangers like Nat King Cole, Ray Charles and Ray Conniff. Enjoy this excellent music by Radioontheshelf, Bluemillenium and SackJo22 that reminds us of a host of tunes from our past.

Loving Men

Switch back to a time where having cigarettes burning in bars was still allowed to cover the sweat.
The third glass of scotch whiskey.
Swirls of smoke in the stream of light to the stage. All black walls.
And now close your eyes and listen to this fantastic Jazz composition from the Stereo Inspectors backing the lush flirring song from Ciggiburns.
Siobhan Dakay

For Christmas

Missing someone dear to you this season? Find a bit of joy with Bluemillenium’s beautifully crafted production “For Christmas” — and realize you’re not alone as Kara sings of her own mourning and loss. You’ll feel a little lighter after listening.